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Politicians seek assurances on hearing aids

Following reports that access to hearing aids are to be restricted in other parts of the UK, local MP Stuart Donaldson, SNP member of parliament for West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine, and Dennis Robertson, member of the Scottish Parliament for Aberdeenshire West, have written to NHS Grampian for assurances that hearing aids will still be provided, free at the point of need, in this NHS area.

North Staffordshire hearing aid cuts

A Staffordshire County Council meeting has today unanimously condemned North Staffordshire CCG's decision to cut hearing aid provision and voted to support Action on Hearing Loss' petition against hearing aid cuts in Staffordshire.

New products from BT

Hearing Link is working with BT to design products to make living with hearing loss a bit easier.

Tinnitus - effects and treatments

Whether it’s a whistle, constant hiss, low-frequency buzz or high-pitched ringing, the sounds caused by tinnitus are all in our heads.

Bradford surgeon picks up MBE from Buckingham Palace

A Bradford surgeon who picked up his MBE from Buckingham Palace this week said news of the city's fantastic work with deaf people has reached royal ears.

New professional development network hub for disabled employees

PurpleSpace was launched yesterday - an innovative online platform that brings together disability network leaders in the workplace to share best practice advice that will drive cultural change on disability in business.

New charity attacks hearing aids ban in Newcastle/Staffs Moorlands

A SECOND charity has condemned the ban on some people receiving free NHS hearing aids in Newcastle and the Staffordshire Moorlands.

Deaf musician talks about enriching lives through music

The founder of the charity ‘Music and the Deaf’ comes to Crowborough, East Sussex, on Saturday 10 October to talk about his life and work as a profoundly deaf person.

Search & donate

Hearing Link would like to introduce you to an innovative way of donating. Simply use Savoo Search as your default search engine (the same way as you would your current search engine) and Savoo will donate 1p for every search. If you’re looking to do some online shopping and want to get a great deal, Savoo has thousands of voucher codes and deals that will help you save money & they will donate to Hearing Link at the same time.

Scrimping NHS chiefs tell deaf patients: 'You can't have a hearing aid - just LIP READ instead'

Patients denied hearing aids as a result of NHS rationing are being told to lip read instead. The first health board in the country yesterday started refusing free devices for people with ‘mild’ hearing problems.

Captioning Awareness Week 9 to 15 November

To mark the 15th anniversary, Stagetext is organising the first ever Captioning Awareness Week from 9 to 15 November 2015. The aim of this week is to bring together cultural venues and caption users from all over to celebrate and raise awareness of captioning and subtitling.

NHS to begin denying people hearing aids for first time

The NHS will start denying people with hearing problems access to hearing aids for the first time from Thursday in a controversial move that critics claim will worsen sufferers’ social isolation.

Withdrawal of free hearing aids under way with East Staffordshire looking to follow suit

A HEALTH group in East Staffordshire will get to see the affects of withdrawing free hearing aids first hand. Today, the North Staffordshire Clinical Commissioning Group has ceased providing free hearing aids to people with mild hearing loss.

Hearing loss study - take part

Researchers from the Human Factors Research Group are looking for participants in a study about the daily experiences of people who are hard of hearing.

Severe fatigue and vigor problems in people with hearing loss

Recent research has shown that people seeking help for hearing difficulties are more likely to suffer from severe fatigue and vigor problems manifesting as feelings of low energy.

Rationing hearing aids could cost you dear

THE NHS has begun rationing hearing aids in the push to find £22billion in so-called 'efficiency savings' even though experts and charities warn the move is a false economy which will leave the health service and patients footing an even bigger bill.

Hearing Loss and Mental Health

Researches have begun to understand there is a relationship between mental health and hearing loss. Audiologist Joan McKechnie takes an indepth look at how the two are linked.

Hearing problems in primary care

Hearing loss is one of the most common experiences of ageing and yet it remains misunderstood in many ways. There are 10 million adults with hearing loss in the UK and this number will increase to more than 14.5 million by 2031.

73% unaware of NHS guidelines on headphones use

Almost three-quarters of people in Scotland do not know how to avoid potential ear damage when listening to music through headphones, a new report has warned.

If you accidentally mocked deaf MP Alec Shelbrooke, here's how to deal with invisible disabilities

My experiences growing up deaf have taught me a lot about how we need to extend more compassion toward each other in public.

Hearing matters

Survey findings revealing that sight is sense which people fear to lose the most are frequently cited within the optical sector. It would seem that for many of us, the thought of being plunged into a world of darkness, or losing the definition of form, granular detail and vibrancy of colour afforded to us through functioning vision, fills us with primal dread.

Top  10 research priorities mild/moderate hearing loss

People with mild-moderate hearing loss, their families and friends, clinicians in the field and their representative bodies, came together to identify and prioritize uncertainties for research. Find out their top 10 research priorities.

Influencing hearing healthcare decisions & access to today's hearing technology

What can we do to raise hearing loss up the public agenda and secure access to, and long-term management of, hearing technology for all who need it? Do we need to do things differently? Conference run by The Ear Foundation. 13 October, London.

A message about Hearing Link's fundraising practices

Hearing Link have never and will never share details of our donors with other organisations and we do not use telemarketing techniques to gain donations. Like all charities we depend on fundraising in order to continue to provide our life changing services. Individual donations are a key part of that and account for around 5% of our overall income.

Our vision is a world where everyone can enjoy life and participate fully and confidently, whatever their level of hearing.  We know that every day, so many people are silently struggling with hearing loss – feeling cut off from the world around them – anxious, embarrassed, angry, lonely or depressed.  We fundraise to meet the needs of people in this situation and aim, always, to do it in an ethical and honest way.

We have been monitoring media concerns about pressurised fundraising practices and hope to reassure our supporters that we do not engage in such practices.

Hearing Help

For decades, the only remedies for hearing loss were devices such as hearing aids or cochlear implants. Now, the first pharmaceutical treatments may be on the way.

Hidden hearing loss might be the real reason you can't hear well

Do you struggle to understand the person next to you above the background chatter at dinner parties? Or fret at the prospect of an evening in a pub that insists on blaring out loud music?

Diggle painter shares unique exhibition based on sounds

A Talented painter from Diggle is to stage a unique exhibition of her work… based on sounds.

Classes in lip reading offered by NHS Highland

A Scottish health board has offered adults with hearing loss taster classes in lip reading. NHS Highland will hold the sessions in Dingwall from 14 September until the end of the month.

Hearing aids: What you need to know and how to choose one

Around 4 million people in the UK would benefit from using a hearing aid – so what’s stopping so many of us from addressing hearing loss?

Bone Anchored Users Day, Manchester, 3 October

Oticon Medical is pleased to invite you to attend a Bone Anchored Users Day at the Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester. Email lgar@oticonmedical.com to find out more.

Lipreading classes for you?

If you are one of the millions who struggle to hear in noisy social situations, or at work, and in meetings, the very best thing that you can do to help yourself is to join a Lipreading and Managing Hearing Loss class. You will learn about the usefull skill of lipreading, and about strategies, organisations, and equipement to help you. There will be free taster sessions all over the country. Classes are small friendly, and great fun!

Barclays Bank to pilot new project to support its customers with hearing loss

Barclays Beacon is a technology that lets staff members know when you arrive in branch, and informs them of any accessibility requirements you have disclosed. It means customers with hearing loss, disabilities any other sensory loss get the support needed from staff in its branches.

Actress behind Dot Cotton reveals loss of sight and hearing

EastEnders star June Brown - who plays Albert Square veteran Dot Cotton - has revealed she is losing her hearing, just months after admitting her vision was starting to fade.

Cop sues nightclub where he attended break-in - because he claims the burglar alarm gave him tinnitus

A police officer has threatened to sue a nightclub after he claimed their burglar alarm damaged his hearing.

The value of cochlear implantation to adults: experiences before and after implantation

The Ear Foundation (TEF) is carrying out research to examine cochlear implantation in adults. As part of this, we would really appreciate to hear about your views and experiences as an adult with cochlear implants and the value of your implant to you. The survey will take about 10-15 minutes, and your answers will be anonymous and all responses will be safely stored. Closing date: 20 August.

Lipreading and Living with Hearing Loss courses

Lipreading Courses and Social Groups take place in East Surrey & NE Hampshire as part of the Diocese of Guildford Hear Here! Project. Contact Tracy Wade for more information: Telephone 01483 790327. Textphone 07531 268476. Email tracey.wade@cofeguildford.org.uk

Man who lip-reads during lessons graduates with NTU engineering degree

He struggled to keep up in class, as it was not easy trying to read the lips of his lecturers. Yet, Mr Jeremiah Oon had no choice. He also had to depend heavily on his classmates for notes and seek extra help after school.

Why classical music can provide relief for tinnitus

Will Sedley and colleagues at Newcastle University in 2015 recorded brain waves in a tinnitus patient in order to examine how the various brainwaves, alpha, beta and delta may be linked to the perception of tinnitus.

Cilla Black had tinnitus - I know how she feels

Singer and Blind Date host suffered from tinnitus, a condition that can cause dizziness, ringing in your ears and deafness.

Silent battle with hearing loss ups depression risk

Researchers have suggested that silently battling with hearing loss without seeking help could strain a person to the extent that they can suffer from depression.

'I felt vulnerable and lost'

Man who experienced what it's like to be deaf for a day in television experiment admits he felt lonely and excluded. He appeared on ITV's This Morning to describe his experience.

Manchester Lipreading Teacher Training Course receives large grant

Thanks to this grant, Manchester Centre for Deaf Studies has been able to greatly reduce the cost of training to be a lipreading teacher.  As well as lower tuition fees, the grant will also provide interest free loans and bursaries.

Tinnitus sufferers invited to take part in new Plymouth drug trial

PEOPLE affected by tinnitus are being asked to take part in a new clinical drug trial. Derriford Hospital is one of 11 hospitals in the UK taking part in the QUIET-1 trial, which will involve about 150 patients receiving four daily pills – or a placebo – every day for four weeks.

British Academy of Audiology (BAA) 12th Annual Conference

The conference is taking place at the Harrogate International Centre on Thursday 26th and Friday 27th November 2015.

NHS England will not stop hearing aid ‘rationing’ plan

NHS England will not intervene in a clinical commissioning group’s attempt to ‘ration’ access to hearing aids, LGC’s sister title Health Service Journal can reveal.

Bradford's pioneering ear implant centre celebrates 25th anniversary

The Yorkshire Auditory Implant Service, which has carried out life-changing cochlear implants on 940 people at Bradford Royal Infirmary, is inviting patients old and new to its open anniversary event on Wednesday, August 19.

Hear & Now free events

Join Hearing Link in October, November and December to find out new ways to make living with hearing loss easier.

Walks & Talks for lipreaders in London

Programme of walks in and around London 2015. With lipspeaking support provided by NRCPD Registered Lipspeakers Lynne Dubin and Sara Scanlon. Contact Lynne and Sara at lynnedubin16@gmail.com  or SMS 07890 103 777 to book and for further information.

  • November 22,  Bloomsbury Women

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