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Talking about hearing aids

Over the past few years I have had more understanding and empathy for people who wear hearing aids. This is because my husband, daughter and niece have all started to wear hearing aids and it is not an understatement to say that hearing aids really have transformed each of their lives.

Steeton man wins settlement after workplace noise caused hearing loss

A Steeton man whose hearing was damaged after he was exposed to excessive workplace noise has won a settlement from his former employer. Nigel Simpson has to wear a hearing aid in his left ear following an eight-year spell working at British Coal’s Hatfield Main Colliery in Doncaster.

Magnetic pulses may ease ringing in the ears

People with tinnitus - a ringing or other "phantom" sounds in their ears - may benefit from a treatment that sends electromagnetic pulses into the brain, suggests a new study.

Boris Johnson considering buying 'sound cannons' to help Scotland Yard tackle riots

Boris Johnson may consider buying controversial “sound weapons” for Scotland Yard to use when dealing with riots – despite the risk they can cause permanent hearing loss.

Hear & Now free events

Join Hearing Link in September and October to find out new ways to make living with hearing loss easier. We are hosting our valuable Hear & Now information and social events in Leicester, Surrey and Liverpool.

Research with text relay users

Facts International and Opinion Leader, independent research agencies, are carrying out this research into the text relay service on behalf of Ofcom, the communications regulator.

80 at Eighty. An ILC-UK factpack

Inspired by ILC-UK Chief Executive and founder, Baroness Sally Greengross, who turned 80 on the 29th of June this year, we have launched our new factpack, '80 at Eighty' giving 80 facts about life in your 9th decade.

Electromagnetic waves, simple cure to Tinnitus

One of the common health problems is the tinnitus pronounced as (TIN-ih-tus) and it is noise or ringing in the ears. Tinnitus affects about 1 in 5 people and it is actually not a condition but it is a symptom of causal condition like hearing loss linked with getting older, ear injury or a disorder in the circulatory system.

Benefits for the hearing disabled

The World Health Organisation has predicted that by 2030 adult-onset hearing loss will be one of the top ten problems in Britain, outstripping both cataracts and diabetes. So how do you get help and are there any benefits available to support the hearing disabled?

Making health and social care information accessible

The accessible information standard tells organisations how they should ensure that disabled patients/service users and, where appropriate, carers and parents, receive information in formats that they can understand, and that they receive appropriate support to help them to communicate.

Lilian Greenwood MP to lead Parliamentary group on deafness

Lilian Greenwood, the Labour Member of Parliament for Nottingham South, has been elected chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Deafness.

Hearing Link CEO Dr Lorraine Gailey is nominated for Signature Outstanding Contribution Award

This award recognises an individual's outstanding contribution towards developing a society in which deaf and deafblind people have full access. Nominees may have demonstrated significant passion, made a long-term commitment or a timely intervention, provided an excellent service, substantially raised awareness or campaigned for change.

Communication support survey

In November 2014, members of Hearing Link's Community Panel completed a survey telling us how much they knew about communication support.

Ben Cohen: 'I've felt bullied, even though I was a top rugby star'

It's a noisy hotel bar and not the ideal place to interview rugby star Ben Cohen, who has 50% hearing loss in both ears, but he's effortlessly tackling every question until we get to one about his personal life.

Have scientists found a cure for deafness?

Gene therapy to treat hereditary human deafness could be available within five years. Research revealed today shows the revolutionary technique is capable of fixing faulty DNA to let genetic deaf mice hear again.

Cochlear implant users Picnic in the Park Sat 8 August

An afternoon of fun and relaxation. Meet other CI users. Venue: Victoria Park, Newbury. 2-4.30 pm. RSVP Michele michelemotteux@outlook.com

Deaf pensioner saves the lives of sailors after being the only one who could hear their cries... thanks to her new hearing aid

A profoundly deaf woman saved the lives of two sailors when her new hearing aids picked up their cries for help that others could not hear.

Keeping your hearing safe and sound: the key to a fantastic festival season

It’s summertime again, and this time of year brings the music festival season. Partying with friends, soaking up the sun, and listening to great bands make music festivals an unforgettable experience. But few festival-goers pay any thought to their hearing even though festivals put exceptional strain on our ears.

Hearing Loop Listening App

The Hearing Loop Listening App would allow people without hearing aids, who have mild to moderate hearing loss, hear speech and music more clearly at locations and venues where a hearing loop is installed.

The danger virus mum can give her unborn baby

Thousands of pregnant women are unwittingly passing on infections to their unborn babies that cause severe disabilities and even miscarriage, researchers warn.

Vital we normalise' hearing loss

Many older people with hearing problems are "suffering in silence", believing nothing could be done, or not wanting to wear a hearing aid, according to a new report.

Fabulous festival of summer fun

July will see Halifax Minster open its doors for a fabulous festival of summer events to entertain people of all ages. Yorkshire Music Club will be presenting ‘Making a Tune Develop’ in the Minster. This group encourages deaf and hearing impaired young people to be inspired by the power of music. It’s a free event for children aged seven upwards and adults.

Smart new pillow alarm alerts deaf or hard of hearing

Geofire’s ‘listen and learn’ technology, that’s delivering new levels of functionality and reliability to the Agrippa acoustic range of fire door holders and ‘swing-free’ closers, is now being used to alert deaf or hard of hearing people if the fire alarm sounds while they are sleeping.

Headphone joy for hard of hearing pensioner

A pensioner who suffers from industrial deafness is finally able to enjoy watching television after being awarded a personal grant to pay for specialist headphones.

Roger Pen survey

The Roger Pen is a wireless microphone that enables people with hearing loss to hear and understand more speech in loud noise and over distance. It can also be used to listen to TV or multimedia. Phonak Communications want to find out how people with hearing loss use the Roger Pen in every day life.The survey is intended for anyone who already uses the Roger Pen. Survey closes end June.

Offshore wind turbines 'deafen seals'

The noise from building offshore wind turbines could be damaging the hearing of seals, according to scientists.

Caregivers are failing to identify hearing loss in people with learning disabilities, claim Wearside experts

A pilot study conducted at the University of Sunderland found the carers are lacking the training to identify hearing loss in a person with special needs, which can significantly impact on quality of life.

UK Council on Deafness welcomes Access to Work research but remains concerned about cap on awards

The UK Council on Deafness welcomes the Department for Work and Pensions’ desire to establish the return on investment delivered by Access to Work. The need for research was identified in the equality analysis for the future of Access to Work. It said, “establishing the return on investment delivered by Access to Work will build the case for increased funding”.

Health watchdogs decide on hearing aids ban

Councillors will decide on Monday whether to refer to health secretary Jeremy Hunt a controversial decision to scrap hearing aids for people with mild deafness in Newcastle and the Staffordshire Moorlands.

Subtitle it - take action now!

Please urge the Government to act on improving subtitles on Video on Demand. Action on Hearing Loss has developed a simple campaign action that you can use to email Ed Vaizey about this issue.

The Ear Foundation reopens after £750k extension

The Ear Foundation recently had a £750,000 extension. Jemma Page speaks to one of the charity's patients about how it helped him.

Review: SportEar Custom Edge Hearing Protection

Of all the gear we hall to and from the gun range, proper hearing protection is among the most important. Repeated exposure to sounds louder than 90 decibels (dB) can cause permanent hearing loss. Since the average gun blast often exceeds 140dB, using hearing protection at each and every shooting event is a good idea.

Cash grant will help people with hearing loss - Portsmouth

Help is available for people who are losing their hearing but trying to stay in work. The Professional Footballers Association has awarded Pompey in the Community a grant to run sessions for people who are feeling isolated by the condition, to make their working lives easier.

How five-a-day can 'stop you going DEAF'

The hearing of people who ate well but had higher noise exposure was ... a healthy diet may not reverse hearing damage, it plays a part in prevention.

Dementia and hearing loss

Dementia is a condition which affects brain function. There are various types of dementia, such as Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia. They all have similar symptoms including memory loss, mood changes and communication difficulties.

TV subtitles are improving – but speed makes some unreadable

The quality of TV subtitling is continuing to improve, but more needs to be done to control speed and readability, new research has found.

Walks & Talks for lipreaders in London

Programme of walks in and around London 2015. With lipspeaking support provided by NRCPD Registered Lipspeakers Lynne Dubin and Sara Scanlon. Contact Lynne and Sara at lynnedubin16@gmail.com  or SMS 07890 103 777 to book and for further information.

  • July 19 St Pancras and Kings Cross - More than Stations
  • September 20,  Roman London
  • November 22,  Bloomsbury Women

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