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Hearing loops frequently asked questions

Hearing loop at customer service desk

…processor you wear – again, ask the cochlear implant team and they can tell you the specific features for your implant. I have no hearing aids, can I use a hearing loop The only way to use a hearing loop without hearing aids is by using a loop listening device or something similar. How do I get a hearing loop for my home, and how do I select the right one? If you are purchasing a hearing loop system, suppliers…

Hearing loops best practice

Hearing loop at customer service desk

…room hearing loops. It is important that you find a hearing loop specialist who will provide you with the correct equipment. What is the likely cost and is the installation expensive/disruptive? A service counter hearing loop will cost around £150-£200 installed, room hearing loops will be more expensive depending on the size of the room. Loop installation is normally undisruptive. Where can I obtain a hearing loop? You should obtain your hearing loop from a specialist loop supplier. Am I…

What is a hearing aid?

Audiologist inserting a hearing aid in a male patient's ear

…2018 Hearing aids how-to videos C2Hear Online is a series of short, subtitled videos about hearing aids, hearing loss and communication. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_CO85ih5H68q5YSxMziidw/featured Watch now 1 More about hearing aids Get clear, accurate, impartial information about hearing aids from non-profit hearing loss organisation, Hear-it. https://www.hear-it.org/hearing-aids-1 Hear-it 1 Further information The British Society of Audiology (BSA) plays a major role in increasing the awareness and understanding of hearing, balance and the science of hearing. http://www.thebsa.org.uk/public-engagement/hearing-aids/ Visit the BSA’s page on hearing aids…

Hearing loops

hearing loop symbol, an ear with a letter T beside it

Hearing loops can help you both at home and when out & about. Read our helpful section on hearing loops to learn how they work and how to use them….


History of Hearing Link

…is extended to residents in all four countries of the UK: Helpdesk run by volunteer responders with personal experience of hearing loss, Residential programmes for deafened people, and confidence and independence-building courses for people with any degree of hearing loss, Interactive website, providing a comprehensive set of factsheets on medical, technology and communication issues, with unique living-with-hearing-loss blogs and testimonies, Engagement and communication activities focusing on hearing loops and hearing awareness, rolled out in collaboration with Hearing Link groups and…

Shona's story

Shona's story

…out and about checking hearing loops in my town and hope to help it achieve ‘looped’ status in the future.” Even Shona’s close friends have noticed a difference. Her friend Ann said, “Shona has become more confident, self reliant and much happier. She shows more awareness of the needs of other people who have hearing problems. Hearing Link has been very beneficial.” Connecting with others Shona continues to make use of Hearing Link services by actively reading its website to…

Assistive equipment

Assistive devices for people with hearing loss

…Ask your local audiology department, hearing therapist, private hearing aid dispenser, lipreading teacher, hard of hearing group and social services department for suggestions and information. What about my work or places I visit? Not sure what assistive listening equipment could or should be made available by a business or organisation to help you communicate and participate? Contact the Hearing Link Helpdesk for advice and information. https://www.hearinglink.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Conversor-TV-Pro-demo.jpg Improve your TV listening experience with Conversor TV Pro Problems hearing TV? If you…

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