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Hearing Link Matters is our national features magazine which includes news, views, events, and personal experiences of hearing loss.

The next issues of Hearing Link Matters will be published in June and autumn 2016.

We will have around 4,000 copies of each issue produced, with an estimated readership of up to 10,000 individuals across all four countries of the UK.

It is also available on our website as a easy to read pdf, so magazine adverts also benefit from further online readership.

To enlarge and read the magazine below, please click on ‘open’ (on the bottom right hand side), then use the arrows to page through it.

We offer a variety of placements and sizes to suit your needs:

Placement Per issue*
Inside front cover £850
Back cover £975
Full page (297mm x 210mm) trim size and 303mm x 216mm bleed size** £700
Half page (135mm x 190mm trim size)** £450
Quarter page (135mm x 92mm trim size) £295


We can include A5 or A4 leaflets as inserts in our magazine. One insert per magazine issue. You supply the inserts and we’ll do the rest!

Single-sided A5 inserts are £15 per 1,000 copies and double-sided £18 per 1,000. Single-sided A4 inserts are £22 per 1,000 and double-sided A4 are £25 per 1,000.

For more information, or a tailored package, please contact Head Office on 0300 111 1113 or enquiries@hearinglink.org.

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