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Hearing Link Trustee James RaathJames Raath

James was born in London but grew up in South Africa where he gained valuable entrepreneurial experience from the businesses he established in a sometimes volatile, but always challenging economy.

In 2004, at the age of 50, his life took a traumatic turn when he contracted Meniere’s disease. Sudden and severe deafness, and a collapse of his health, resulted in the loss of his established Training Consultancy and with it his source of income and the plans he had to grow his business in the UK. He is profoundly deaf in one ear and severely deaf in the other. What followed were several difficult years of adjustment to being isolated and unable to work due to frequent vertigo attacks and poor health.

During this period, James’ belief that the commercial potential of employees, and therefore the businesses they work in, are seldom realised, motivated him to convert his business knowledge and experience into a book. Love Mondays is the result and he is now back working again, sharing his unique approach to helping companies maximise employee impact on company earning power.

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