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Hearing Link Vice President Ronnie Bourne

Ronnie Bourne

Ronnie spent his childhood with undiagnosed hearing loss, leaving school at 14 without qualifications and going into food retailing. Despite this he made rapid progress, becoming in his early 30’s a board director of one of our largest retailers.

At 33 Ronnie became profoundly deafened. He attended one of our specialist residential courses, where he says that he was “rescued” by Rosemary McCall, the founder of The LINK Centre for Deafened People, now Hearing Link.

Over the next 27 years Ronnie set up and ran his own business before selling it to a FTSE 250 company and retiring. Throughout this time he was involved with Hearing Link in various advisory and voluntary capacities, contributing at every level of the organisation from washing dishes at one of our rehabilitation courses where he was serving as Facilitator to offering sound financial and strategic advice at Board level.

He joined the board as a Trustee in 1999, and stepped down in 2014 to become Vice President.

Ronnie has bilateral cochlear implants and he says that these have made a wonderful contribution towards beneficially managing his deafness. Ronnie married Barbara in 1967 and they have three adult daughters and six grandsons.

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