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I should have heard it coming

I nearly got killed earlier!

We have two dogs, Remy the fox terrier and Jess the mmm…eh we’re not sure about that one. As I work from home, they spend all day with me and I take them for their walk, mostly in the morning. We live in the countryside and around here there are only lanes and no pavements, so I have trained them to move onto the grass verge when a car approaches.

Obviously they can hear the car, a long time before it’s visible and that’s a great help for me, because when they go onto the verge and sit down, I know a car is coming and can get out of the way myself. Now you should think living out in the sticks you can take a walk in relative peace, but around here this is not the case, there is constant traffic of cars and tractors and even vans and trucks – ok saying its constant is probably exaggerating, but not much.

Anyway the dogs did their sitting down and I jumped out of harm’s way as well, and as soon as one car had passed safely I stepped out in the road again only to be confronted by the solid square bonnet of a Landover and I’m sure if I was able to hear, a squeal of tyres. The driver was wearing the exact same expression as I did an hour earlier when I received the latest electricity bill. Glancing at Remy and Jess still sitting there neatly they seemed to be thinking: ’What the hell!’ Many apologies everyone.

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