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Relax, don’t do it

Aah, Centre Parcs with the boys. We have arrived in the late afternoon after an unplanned detour caused by missing roundabouts and signposts. I’m a very good map-reader and it was definitely not my fault.

Despite our lateness there are queues about half a mile long to check in. We have already checked in via e-mail so should be able to simply collect the keys and drive straight to our chalet.

Of course this is not how it happens; instead we are told to park up and wait. I am extremely frustrated at this, but I know if I challenge the situation, the steward is going to say something I won’t understand, the rest of the family will understand it right away and sigh and drum their fingers while I go through the routine of telling the steward I’m deaf and if he can speak slower or even better write it down.

The steward will then speak slower (people generally only write things down as a last resort), I still won’t understand and one of our party is going to say ‘Let me’ and tell me to relax. I will feel like I’m being treated as a child and sulk and… I decide to say nothing and let my husband handle it

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