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East Birmingham & Solihull Hard of Hearing Club

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About the club

We are ordinary people who have a hearing loss of some degree or another. At one time our hearing was fine, but, for most of us, age has caught up with us!

The biggest problem for many people is that the onset of a hearing loss has meant we went through a time (often a long time!) of avoiding ‘social’ situations, even family and friends. Shopping, going to the library, seeing the doctor, getting one’s hair done, these and many more normal and everyday activities can become a trial.

The members of the East Birmingham & Solihull Hard-of-Hearing Club (that’s a mouthful! – we’ll stick with “the Club” from now on) – the members of the Club have experienced, and still experience, these problems. But, by sharing experiences and information, we have learned how to better cope with this muffled and sometimes alien world and to enjoy a more full life again.


  • Meets: First Thursday of the month, 1pm until 3pm.
  • Venue: The Baptist Church, Timberley Lane, Shard End, Birmingham, B34 7EH


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