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Hearing Link Scotland is a registered charity in Scotland and a part of Hearing Link UK.

We are a team of staff and volunteers based at a national office in Edinburgh, who work to improve quality of life for people with an acquired hearing loss in Scotland, as well supporting partners, family and friends.

We deliver key services such as specialist rehabilitation programmes and one-to-one support through our network of Community Support Volunteers.

We also deliver community events and provide training to local organisations, to raise awareness of the practical and emotional challenges faced by those living with hearing loss.

Hearing Link Scotland is a member of the Scottish Council on Deafness (SCoD), which is an umbrella organisation that represents the many agencies and charities that provide support for people who have a hearing loss.

Support from Hearing Link Scotland

Members of our Helpdesk Responder Team have personal experience of hearing loss and are here to provide a point of contact for any information or support that you may require.

They are assisted by our Community Support Volunteers, who are located across Scotland and can provide personal and practical advice to support you.

We also run a number of specialist support programmes and community events throughout the year.

Get involved

We are always looking for new volunteers to join our team and can offer a wide variety of roles to match your skills, interest and availability.

Anyone can apply to become a volunteer, whether you have a hearing loss, are the partner of someone with hearing loss or just want to help out.

You can also become a member of Hearing Link, or provide a donation towards our work. Either way you will be providing a hugely valuable contribution, helping to ensure that we meet the needs of people with hearing loss now and in the future.

We are always looking for opportunities to engage with our local communities, by giving talks or providing information about the impact of hearing loss.

Get in touch

We are located at the Eric Liddell Centre, 15 Morningside Road, Edinburgh EH10 4DP.

If you would like information on any of the activities on this page please email scotland@hearinglink.org or call our office on 0131 447 9420 or SMS: 07564 916798. We look forward very much to hearing from you!

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