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Hearing Link volunteer Craig Fisher tested the loop at Tesco Bridgewater in Banbridge

Hearing Link has become the hearing aid users’ champion to provide more and better hearing loops nationally through our Let’s Loop the UK campaign.

Millions of people use hearing aids, and thousands more have cochlear implants – a large proportion of who could see the quality of their lives improved by hearing loops.

A trip to the shops or a visit to the bank should not seem like a trial, nor should attending your local church or public meetings.  Hearing loops improve the listening experience by making communication easier and better.

With properly working hearing loops which are both well signed and maintained together with staff who understand their purpose and value, people with hearing loss can feel included and considered.

The goal of ‘Let’s Loop the UK’ is to provide more working loops in public buildings and venues.

Let’s get the results!

Since 2013, Hearing Link has developed this initiative by working alongside local individuals and organisations across the UK.

Using teams of volunteer loop checkers — a secret shoppers of sort — teams of hearing aid users visit businesses and public buildings in their own towns to check loop availability and quality, signage on display and staff knowledge.

It has been a remarkably successful to date with 10 active loop groups established across the UK.

All this has been conducted in partnership with audiologists, hearing aid and hearing loop manufacturers, architects, loop installers and leading supermarkets, pharmacies, high street banks, and train companies.

Rotary International has also adopted the campaign, and as a result a number of Rotary clubs are working with us to develop the project. The National Trust has also been a huge supporter of this initiative.

By working together in partnership we will bring positive changes to communities.

Get involved!

As part of our initiative, we are recruiting volunteers to check hearing loop systems. Training is given and a simple evaluation form makes it easy to complete the checks and provide feedback.

Support will be provided by Hearing Link, who will work with businesses to ensure that poor loop provision is brought up to scratch.

Town by town, we will map examples of where hearing loops are in good working with the support of our partner website www.letsloopnow.com

Anyone who is a hearing aid or cochlear implant user can get involved.  Find out more by visiting our page on becoming a loop checker.

In November 2015, we held Hearing Loop Awareness Week, a dedicated week of checking loops in the UK.  See the results below.

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