Hearing Link

Current corporate members

We would like to extend a big thank you to the following corporate members who have joined us to support Hearing Link’s role in supporting living better with changed hearing.

PC Werth

PC Werth An IntriCon Group Company

PC Werth is a long-standing and exclusive UK partner to the world’s leading manufacturers of products for audiology, including hearing aids, accessories, audiometric instruments, custom moulds, ear plugs and many more. PC Werth retains a unique variety of services and calibration offered to the healthcare market. Their house brand – Kamplex – provides audiologists and their patients with the latest solutions to hearing aids and instruments for audiology.

DigiClear Hearing

DigiClear hearing

An independent, father-son business, with over 40 years of experience in hearing care, they are keen to use to help you and your loved ones hear and communicate better. DigiClear Hearing’s service focuses on their allegiance is to our customers and ensuring we use the best manufacturer for their needs. Their approach to your hearing care is truly tailor-made!

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