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You will be adding your voice to thousands of like-minded supporters, becoming a driver for social change towards a world where everyone can enjoy life and participate fully and confidently, whatever their level of hearing.

Together, through our collective voice, we can influence policy and services for people with hearing loss at local and national levels.

You will also be able to:

  • connect with others, sharing experiences and practical advice
  • join our Community Panel, opening up the chance to take part in local and national surveys, so you can truly have your say.

And of course, you’ll receive a few extras, including:

Annual membership costs from just £10 a year.

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To sign up and pay online

It is now easier than ever to pay by direct debit for an individual membership without the use of a login. Simply complete the online CAF form below to become a member. Please ensure you state your full name and address when completing payment. Thank you!

Please note we can only offer membership to individuals from the United Kingdom. If you would like to stay up to date with Hearing Link news and other information, you are welcome to sign up to our e-newsletter here.

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