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How to volunteer

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Volunteers lie at the heart of the services we deliver and we greatly value the input, energy, interest and commitment of every individual who gives up some of their time on our behalf.

Can you join us? You’ll be warmly welcomed.

Please contact us for a chat. Email us at enquiries@hearinglink.org or telephone: 0300 111 1113 or SMS: 07526 123255.

Helpdesk Responders

2 helpdesk responders working on a laptop computerVolunteers taking on this role respond to enquiries received through the Hearing Link Helpdesk.

This may range from questions about equipment, services, lipreading classes, emotional support, or Hearing Link services.Responses are provided by telephone, letter, email or SMS text, so it is possible to undertake this role from your own home.

This role would suit you if you enjoy researching information and have good written communication skills.

Community Support Volunteers

Volunteers taking on this role all have direct experience of hearing loss – either their own or that of a partner or close relative.

Volunteers offer to share their experience with someone who has contacted Hearing Link for help, sometimes meeting face to face and sometimes through post or email.

Information Distributors

Hearing Link is dependent on information distributors to help us make the organisation known in local communities across the UK.

Volunteers taking on this role will take leaflets and posters to libraries, surgeries, community centres, hospitals and other venues in their local area, and then monitor them to replenish stocks as needed.

This role would suit anyone with some free time and the ability to travel around their local area.

We encourage all of our volunteers to take on this role because of the importance of ensuring our information can be found by those who may need it.

Fundraising Volunteers

skydive with the ground far belowFundraising Volunteers can help us in numerous ways according to their interests and time available.

Some choose to undertake sponsored events, others plan and organise coffee mornings, and others distribute Hearing Link collecting pots to shops, cafes, pubs and businesses in their local area.

The beauty of distributing collecting pots is that you are responsible for raising funds without ever needing to ask anyone for money! All you need to do is gain permission to place the pot, and then return periodically to check on the pot and return funds to the Hearing Link office.

This role would suit anyone who wants to support the work of Hearing Link.

Hearing Loop Checkers

Many shops and banks have installed loop systems with the aim of providing a better service to their customers with hearing impairments, but do they always work?

The role of our Loop Checkers is to visit their local shops and banks, complete a questionnaire and report back on the service you received.

We hold annual loop audits across the UK and need as many Loop Checkers as we can muster to check out loops in public places and let us know if they are working.

Ideally Loop Checkers should go out in pairs and at least one of the checkers should be a hearing aid user.

Want to be involved, but not got much time? Apply to join our Community Panel.

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