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Here is a selection of interesting, useful and entertaining hearing loss blogs. For those unfamiliar, a “blog” (short for “weblog”) is a personal diary of sorts; an outlet for the author’s thoughts and feelings.

The Invisible Disability and Me blog screenshot

The Invisible Disability and Me

Laura Lowles started her blog after being diagnosed with sudden sensorineural hearing loss.

Her e-book is available on Amazon Kindle The Invisible Disability and Me.

my hearing loss story

My Hearing Loss Story

Carly is documenting her experiences with sudden sensorineural hearing loss (sshl) and all the changes it has brought to her life.

Hear What?

Hear “What?”

Sarah Bricker blogs about life with hearing loss and all the ‘messy experiences and feelings’ that come with it.

a day in the life of a deafie

Day in the Life of a Deafie

E, also known as Deafie Blogger, is a 19 year old profoundly deaf blogger and deaf activist. She writes about family life, daily struggles and the odd teen drama. A perfect blog for teenagers.

more than a bit deaf - a hearing loss blog

More than a Bit Deaf

Vera Brearey shares her life living with deafness, using humour and her experiences to help others.

Understanding Tinnitus

Adam Sobay shares research, personal insights and information for people affected by tinnitus.

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