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Hearing loss & attending an event


  • (If you can) switch lights on
  • Draw curtains or blinds
  • Have the light on the face of the speaker
  • Look for sources of light
  • Avoid dim areas
  • Turn your own back to the light

Source of noise

  • Notice where the music comes from and avoid it – e.g. singer, sound system, speakers
  • Notice where sounds of cutlery, china, etc come from and avoid them e.g. buffet table, kitchen doorway
  • Avoid the middle of the room
  • Stand near a wall or soft furnishings such as curtains
  • Corners are often best
  • Keep away from doorways
  • Turn down your hearing aid and rely more on lipreading
  • Use the background noise programme on your hearing aid

Acoustics of the room

  • Hearing aids amplify all sounds
  • Sound waves echo off hard surfaces – kitchens
  • Look for carpeted areas and places with upholstered furniture
  • Tables with tablecloths and mats are good (a newspaper or table napkin make great improvised tablecloths on a coffee table)

Get all the enjoyment you can out of a situation

  • Arrive in plenty of time and find the best place in the room for you
  • Try to speak one-to-one with people
  • Avoid large groups
  • Stay with people who intimate when they want to talk to you by tapping your shoulder, waving or signalling in some way
  • Stay with people who never make the “Oh for goodness sake!” face when you ask them to repeat something
  • Explain why you need to see the speaker’s face
  • Ask a friend what the subject of the conversation is
  • Don’t try and eat and hold a conversation at the same time – you will either drop your food everywhere or miss what people are saying
  • Take a quiet break to enjoy your food
  • Go home when you have had enough or when you are tired

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