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Loops & equipment


This section focuses on telephones and accessories to amplify or visually represent either the caller's speech.

Useful apps

Apps for iPhones and iPads that help people who are deaf or hard of hearing to communicate, network and enjoy entertainment.

Hearing loops

All you need to know about hearing loops. Short subtitled video demonstration. Get involved in our Lets Loop the UK campaign.

FM systems

Wireless assistive hearing devices for greater clarity of speech/sound and a reduction in background noise.

Speech recognition systems

Latest technology advice on which smartphones and tablets you can use as portable speech recognition devices.


Skype is a free internet-based service that allows you to speak to people, see them and message them, all at the same time.

Remote captioning

Remote captioning allows people to follow what is being said, as it is being said, without the need for a Speech to Text Reporter (STTR) or electronic note-taker to be in the same room.

TV sound quality

Retired BBC Executive Richard Bates is seeking to make television viewing a more enjoyable pursuit for deaf and hard of hearing people.

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