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FM systems frequently asked questions

How are FM systems powered?

The majority of FM Systems have rechargeable batteries and are supplied, as standard, with battery chargers. Operating times are approximately 12 hours to 20 hours.

Are FM Systems heavy?

No. The transmitter and the receiver shown above each weigh 62g (2.19oz) and 64g (2.26oz) respectively.

Can you use more than one receiver with a transmitter?

Yes there are systems that work as a one to one and one to many.

Can people listen into the transmission between transmitter and receiver(s)?

That depends on the system. One of the systems shown above is secure and the other totally encrypted.

What distance do they transmit?

Systems vary from 15m to 50m.

Does the NHS provide FM Systems?

Not for adults.

Where can I obtain one?

From assistive hearing suppliers and hearing aid manufacturers.

If you are in employment or self employed and feel you require assistance in the workplace then systems may be obtained by making an application to Access to Work at Jobcentre Plus. For information please contact Hearing Link or visit the direct.gov website. Systems obtained through Access to Work belong to the employer.

In education, contact Hearing Link or visit the direct.gov website.

What will it cost?

Established systems from approximately £250 to £750. Newer systems from £800 to £4000.

Could I try before I buy?

Some companies will allow “try before you buy”; with others you will have to pay, then have your money refunded if the system is returned undamaged within a certain period of time. The time is stipulated by the seller.

Some charities loan equipment, as do some Social Services, but you will have to check.

Are they easy to operate?


Do they work with a cochlear implant?

FM Systems work with cochlear implants. Speak with the supplier as you may also have to involve your implant centre.

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