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What is a hearing loop?

A hearing loop (sometimes called an audio induction loop) is a special type of sound system for use by people with hearing aids. The hearing loop provides a magnetic, wireless signal that is picked up by the hearing aid when it is set to ‘T’ (Telecoil) setting.

What is a hearing loop

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How can a hearing loop help you?

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The hearing loop consists of a microphone to pick up the spoken word; an amplifier which processes the signal which is then sent through the final piece; the loop cable, a wire placed around the perimeter of a specific area i.e. a meeting room, a church, a service counter etc to act as an antenna that radiates the magnetic signal to the hearing aid.

Below is a diagram of a hearing loop at a shop counter or bank:

Line diagram showing a person using an induction hearing loop installed in a shop counter. The Ear symbol indicates that a loop in present at this counter.

Below is a diagram of a room hearing loop (e.g. at an event, place of worship etc):

Diagram of a large room with an induction loop aerial installed around several rows of seated audience members. A presenter speaks into a microphone at the front

Why use a hearing loop?

  • Cuts out unwanted background noise
  • No need to use a receiver/headset
  • Sound goes directly into the hearing aid
  • Can be used by anyone with a compatible hearing aid
  • It is inconspicuous
  • Cost effective
  • Any number of users can use the system

More about hearing loops from Contacta

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