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Participants wanted for Oticon study

If you have hearing issues, or are a current user of hearing aids, or work as an independent audiologist – UserTribe would like to hear from you!

UserTribe is currently running a research study on a new Oticon website, and they would like to receive feedback on the initial version of this.

The research will be a 40-60-minute online interview with a professional moderator where there will be a chance to discuss the website and walk through how it works.

The interviews will take place online from Thursday September 5th to Friday September 13th, and you can book your time by following the link: https://usertribe.typeform.com/to/wafL7O

In the interview, UserTribe is interested in your opinions on the new website to help Oticon improve their products and services offered.

To thank participants for their time, UserTribe will be able to offer £80 gift cards. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to David on das@usertribe.com.

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