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Cochlear implant drop-in service looking for new volunteers – Manchester

A group of volunteers who support patients with auditory implants is looking for new members to join their team.

The Richard Ramsden Centre for Auditory Implants based at Manchester Royal Infirmary offers the drop-in sessions for patients can find out about more assistive listening devices and try them at home.

The group is completely voluntary and is run by a small group of volunteers.

John Newton, a Hearing Link member who also volunteers with the group, said: “The workload is not high and most volunteers agree to do one, two hour session each month. Appropriate training and mentoring is provided by the clinic and by the hospital volunteer office. Some experience of deafness is obviously an advantage, but not essential. The current volunteers include retired people, some with hearing loss and also younger people students in various aspects of audiology.”

If you live within travelling distance of the hospital and are interested in finding our more, John can be contacted by emailing

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