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Participants wanted for cochlear implant study – Nottingham

Do you use a cochlear implant? Would you be willing to give one hour of your time?

If so, the University of Nottingham’s Biomedical Research Centre is looking for participants to help with a new research study called the ‘ACCURATE’ study.

In March 2019, NHS guidance about which adults should be offered a cochlear implant (CI) changed. Part of the assessment for CI includes deciding if adults can hear well enough with their hearing aids.

This used to be done by asking people to repeat words from whole sentences (‘BKB Sentence test’). The test was also used to measure how much benefit adults got from their CI over time. Now, adults will instead be asked to repeat single words presented one at a time (‘AB word test’).

Researchers are looking for existing CI users to visit their research facility in Nottingham to complete this new speech test several times in a single 1-hour testing session.

If you are interested in taking part, please contact Robert Pierzycki by emailing

Participants will receive an inconvenience allowance to participate in the study (£7.50/hour). Travel expenses will be offered for any visits incurred as a result of participation, up to a total of £15.

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