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Craig shines in internship programme

Congratulations to Hearing Link staff member Craig Fisher who is nearing the end of a successful year-long internship with our charity.

Craig has excelled in the role of Digital Engagement Officer in 2018 thanks to the internship funded by The Rank Foundation and its Time to Shine grants.

He was recently presented with a Certificate of Achievement during The Rank Foundation’s major annual conference in Blackpool. Since starting his internship in January this year, Craig has not only contributed enormously to the development of our website and online shop, but also significantly enhanced our assistive listening technical advice service and our social media profile.

Dr Lorraine Gailey, Chief Operating Officer at Hearing Link, said: “Craig was a participant in one of Hearing Link’s Intensive Rehabilitation Programmes and then volunteered with us for some four years prior to the internship; so his insights into the organisation and how we can best support people with hearing loss have been invaluable. We congratulate him, and we look forward to his continued involvement in many ways in the future.”

His achievement has been documented in an article on The Big Blog Northern Ireland. To read his experiences visit: