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Volunteer training weekends

In anticipation of our new ways of working with families and in communities, we have been delivering a series of volunteer training weekends throughout the autumn.  

Each event is addressing one broad area of activity for Hearing Link, including the following:

  1. personalised one-to-one support
  2. small group programmes
  3. volunteer leadership, team coordination and community engagement
  4. marketing, communications and media

The first two sessions took place in September and October at The Grange, home of Hearing Dogs for Deaf People in Buckinghamshire, and we had a great mix of volunteers from a wide range of backgrounds come together to compare notes, share experiences and to learn together.

Michelle McMaster, UK Volunteering and Northern Ireland Director, said: “We have demanded a lot from everyone, to make sure the events are meaningful, but hopefully we have compensated in some small measure by ensuring tasty food, comfortable beds and seriously good company! We have enjoyed a delightful mix of presentations by volunteers working in pairs and in small groups, ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous, but all great fun and all great learning!”

These events will be followed up early next year with more focused training for specialised roles.

We intend to offer this in more local areas and hope to involve experienced volunteers in the preparation and delivery of training.

If you are interested in using your skills to become a volunteer for Hearing Link, contact us by emailing helpdesk@hearinglink.org

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