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The next morning, I had been told I would be taken down to theatre at about 8.30am. I had not been allowed to eat since midnight and I was starving!

Two nurses came to see me and take me down to theatre. They checked my identity and asked some general questions about my health. The best thing was when they covered me with warm blankets that came out of an oven type thing. I want one for my house!

The anaesthetist came again and explained I could have anesthetic either via a jag or a mask. As they struggled to find a vein (a common thing when I go into hospital!), and also as I am scared of needles, we opted for the mask.

I was wheeled into a small room just outside the main surgery room. I was wheeled past my surgeon who gave me the thumbs up. I wasn’t too nervous. I felt quite calm actually!

The lovely nurses held and stroked my hand whilst I was administered anesthetic. The gas smelled strange and my instinct was to take the mask off but I knew I couldn’t.

Then I woke up! I was very alert which I found strange as under past anesthetic I had found waking up hard. However, I was alert and immediately asked what time it was. It was noon exactly, so I would estimate my surgery and ‘wake up’ took about 3 hours.

I felt a bit sore and sticky. The bandage was very tight around my head. My hair was covered in some kind of gel and I think this upset me the most out of the whole thing! I did not feel too dizzy at first and when I returned to the ward, I texted my father who came immediately to find me eating lunch and grinning away!

I should say everyone recovers differently so whilst I felt fine, others may feel more nauseous etc. Certainly over the next few days, the side effects started to kick in! I will discuss these in my next blog entry!

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