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Yesterday I had my 1 month check up at the hospital. I was in a much better mood this time as the beeping was gone and everything sounded much more normal. I was much happier this time around which the clinical scientist commented on!

She not only adjusted my current maps (or programmes as I call them) but gave me two more maps. The new ones are ‘focus’ which is ideal for one to one situations, and ‘music’ which is self explanatory and I absolutely love that one. I’m having a ball listening to my favourite songs on my Iphone and I really want to go to a concert and try it out!

I also asked for a hearing test. She told me that would be at 3 months but I think I must have looked disappointed enough for her to give in and give me a very quick test. The audiogram showed my hearing with hearing aids compared with my ‘new’ hearing with my cochlear implant. There’s been a HUGE improvement in just 4 weeks. I am hearing things that are quiet, at about 20 decibels, and I’m almost within the ‘normal’ hearing band. I’m delighted!

I am now back at work and finding it mostly okay but its strange having the radio playing in the background and being able to follow a group conversation! Its quite tiring too because of all the noises all at once but I’m really happy and I feel that it has boosted my confidence too.

My next appointment is not until around December, so I think I might fill the time by telling you some general deaf awareness thins in my next few blogs. If anyone has any particular questions then ask away!

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