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Drumming group for cochlear implantees

A new group has been established which offers cochlear implant recipients the chance to learn drumming.

‘Drumming for Cochlear Implantees’ has been set up by Sarah Smith.

After receiving her implant two years, Sarah found that she was no longer able to enjoy music-making.

She had hoped music would become a big part of her life when she retired and was looking forward to singing in a choir and joining ensembles, but it wasn’t to be.

Her local cochlear implant centre in Southampton enrolled her on a music workshop and she was able to find out how musical sounds were affected by her implant processor.  She was also able to play a piece on African drums.

Sarah would love to continue with her drumming and is looking for other implantees who are interested in attending a new workshop to get in touch

Experience is not necessary.  To find out more, email: cidrumming16@gmail.com.

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