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Survey responses requested from late deafened individuals

hand cupping an earThe European Federation of Hard of Hearing People (EFHOH) is currently conducting a questionnaire regarding the experiences of deafened people in getting the right support and information. The resulting report will be shared at the EFHOH / NADP Conference in London on 6th May 2017

This survey is geared towards those who are late deafened, having had normal hearing prior to the age when they lost their hearing. Those who had a moderate loss prior to a more complete loss are also welcome to participate. The age range they are looking for is from teenage years onwards, and for those who have experienced either a progressive hearing loss or a sudden hearing loss.

The survey aims to gather data on what support was available to you after diagnosis, including services and technologies, as well as your thoughts and feelings throughout the experience. This information will be used to improve and enhance support for deafened people across Europe.

The closing date for new submissions is 20th February.


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