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Lipreading tutor vacancy in Leicestershire

The Leslie Edwards Trust is seeking a lipreading tutor urgently for the Leicestershire area – primarily for daytime teaching.

Although our tutors are freelance and free to seek out additional opportunities, we aim to have long term relationships where we find the funding to support lipreading classes in Leicestershire.

We should be glad to hear from anyone ATLA trained or in training who could work in the Leicestershire area. We should also like to hear from anyone interested in training who we should be able to support to attend one of the ATLA recognised courses. We also have a short term opportunity for a trained tutor.

The Leslie Edwards Trust is a small charity aiming to help hearing impaired people in the Leicestershire area by providing lipreading and communication learning. Our first class was in 2011 and many hearing impaired people have benefitted from the increased confidence that the classes provide. We currently have classes in Loughborough (2), Melton Mowbray and Market Harborough, and others have been requested.

If you are interested or know anyone that might be, you can find more information on http://www.leslieedwardstrust.btck.co.uk/. Alternatively, email Jack Sandover on leslieedwardstrust@gmail.com. We’d love to hear from you.

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