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Beta testers required for new hearing app

Beta testers required for hearing appSamsung phone and earbud users are being sought as beta testers for a new hearing app.

Recreational headphone use is one of the leading causes for the significant increase in early on-set hearing loss.

Hear Angel is about to launch a beta version of its new app to give recreational headphone users control and are recruiting beta testers. As a thank you, the first 500 testers will get the app FREE OF CHARGE FOR LIFE.

The app will give users information they need as well as the protection you may require (if you want it to!) and can be configured for both individual users and parents wishing to safeguard their children’s hearing.

There are no questionnaires or surveys to complete, just simply use the app.

To register to take part please enter your email address at http://hearangel.launchrock.com


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