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It’s a small world…

Alison writes: After Sylvia’s review of Susana Webster King’s book, I received a message from our volunteer Ann, who lives in Burntisland and who gave a talk to Susana’s sister’s Ladies Probus Group in Fife!

Email from Ann

Well this is nice, Alison!  I replied to Joan and ordered her sister’s book.  I had read Sylvia’s review of it and through it sounded really interesting anyway – but had had no inkling that there was a link between Joan, who had invited me to do that talk back in 2018 – and the author of the book.

Best wishes

Email from Joan Dewar
Hello Ann,

I’ve just been reading this month’s online edition of Hearing Link and I’m delighted to see my sister’s book “Thank you for your smiles” is featured plus an excellent review.

I think you would find it very interesting!

My sister, Susana Webster King (Susan Webster) lives in Madrid and is named officially as Susana but Susan to her family and friends!

She has published her book on Amazon in paperback and Kindle in both Spanish and English versions.

When her profoundly deaf son Jon died we wanted to donate to an appropriate cause in his memory.
Following on from your presentation to Aberdour, Burntisland and Kinghorn Ladies Probus we made the donation to Hearing Link in 2018 and I’ve kept up with the news letters since then. Consequently when Susan was promoting her book I suggested she contact Hearing Link and we are delighted that it was chosen for review this month.

We hope Susan’s story may help other people who find themselves in similar circumstances and thank Hearing Link for making this possible.

On behalf of Susan and myself, thank you for starting what turned out to be a significant link in the chain which resulted in the publication and distribution of Susan’s tribute to her son and my nephew Jon.

I hope you and your family are well.

Kind regards
Joan Dewar

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