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Our new Hearing Hub service at The Grange, Saunderton, Buckinghamshire, offers personalised support and guidance to help you to make the most of your hearing, so you can reconnect with family, friends and work. It’s a free, confidential and independent hearing support hub which signposts specific to your needs.

Our team of trained volunteers will give you time to explore hearing loss issues, communication strategies and assistive listening technology in a relaxed, comfortable space.  Our Hub volunteers all have a sensitive understanding of the challenges faced; many of them have hearing loss themselves.

You might be searching for general advice, local connections, communication tips or support with equipment, or you might not know exactly what you need.  Whatever your situation, we are here to help you.  We welcome family members and friends who accompany you, and we can help them understand hearing loss better too.

This is a service that is currently under development and will become available later this year. If you would like to stay up to date with Hearing Link news and service updates, please consider subscribing to our e-newsletter.

Could you volunteer for our Hearing Hub?

We are currently recruiting volunteers to lead our sessions at the Hearing Hub.

If you have experience and understanding of hearing loss personally and/or professionally, and would like to offer your support to others on a regular basis, please contact us by email at enquiries@hearinglink.org.

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