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Hearing Link volunteer attends parliamentary reception

Hearing Link staff and volunteers were delighted to attend a parliamentary reception to mark the 90th birthday of the Scottish Council on Deafness (SCOD) and the 70th anniversary of West Scotland Deaf Children’s Society (WSDCS). Scotland volunteer Robin Wickes attended the evening, held at the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh, alongside UK Volunteer and Scotland Co-ordinator, […]

Accessible screenings – London Film Festival

The BFI London Film Festival kicks off next month and there are a number of accessible screenings taking place. It takes place between the 5th and 16th October in cinemas across the UK capital. To find out what accessible screenings are taking place, visit its website.  The full programme can also be downloaded. Tickets go on sale from […]

Monthly film club – Glasgow

The Glasgow Film Theatre (GFT) has a monthly film club ‘Visible Cinema’ deaf and hard of hearing audiences. Visitors can enjoy captioned or subtitled screenings followed by a post-film discussion enhanced by Speech-to-Text service and BSL. It recently launched a new Facebook page where visitors can keep tabs on future screenings, news and other events. […]

1 in 4 deaf workers quit due to discrimination

A new survey has found that 1 in 4 deaf workers have quit their job due to discrimination. Carried out by job website Totaljobs, the research revealed that the majority of deaf or hard of hearing workers (52%) have experienced discrimination during their career. Discrimination was most likely to come from colleagues (62%), and then from management (53%). […]

New accessible cinema website launched

A new website for accessible cinema has been set up called The Independent Cinema Office. It is the national organisation for the development and support of independent film exhibition in the UK and aims to develop an open, thriving and challenging film culture. Its ultimate goal is to improve subtitling provision, train staff to make venues more accessible, improve the technical provision […]

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