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What is ear wax and why do we have it?

Ear wax is a protective product made by glands in the skin of the ear canal. Your ears need earwax. The wax is used to lubricate the skin of the auditory canal, and to transport dust, dirt, dead skin cells and other material out of the ear.

The wax moves gradually outwards and often simply falls out of its own accord. But if it builds up it might block the ear canal and cause problems with your hearing or hearing aid.

How do I stop wax forming in my ear and blocking my aid?

You can’t stop wax forming, but there are some products that you can buy from a pharmacy that aim to stop wax from building up.  Speak to your GP or pharmacist for more advice.

Do not ‘clean’ your ears with cotton buds or anything else that is pushed into your ear as this will push the wax back into the ear canal and could damage your ear.

If you clean your hearing aid regularly as advised by your Audiologist, this should stop the wax from blocking the hearing aid and causing problems.

How do I keep my aid clean?

This will depend upon they type of hearing aid that you have and you should have been advised about this by your Audiologist.  Your hearing aid instruction book will normally also have details of how to do this or ask your specialist for more details.

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