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How can you manage Meniere’s disease?

There are a number of ways of treating Ménière’s disease:

What medications can help you?

Your GP or ENT specialist might prescribe medication to help make attacks less severe and occur less often. This might be medication for your balance or medication to reduce water retention (diuretic). Your doctor might also suggest that you reduce the amount of salt in your diet.

What are special balance exercises?

Special balance (vestibular) exercises may be suggested if you have any dizziness or imbalance between attacks.

What can you do about tinnitus?

You might be referred to a specialist tinnitus clinic for more help and advice if you have tinnitus between attacks.

Can hearing aids help?

If you have hearing loss in the affected ear and also notice that you have difficulty hearing clearly, a hearing aid may be helpful to you.

What about counselling?

If you have ongoing difficulty adapting to and coping with your symptoms, counselling or other complementary therapies might also be useful.

Does surgery ever help?

Sometimes surgery or treatment applied directly to the inner ear on the affected side might be suggested by your ENT specialist.

Although Ménière’s disease can be very frightening, seeking help and appropriate treatment can help to minimise the effect of symptoms on your life. Learning to manage your symptoms will allow you to continue with your daily activities as much as possible.

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