Hearing Link and Hearing Dogs for Deaf People Merger

We are delighted to announce that Hearing Link has merged with  Hearing Dogs for Deaf People following the public announcement on 18th July 2017 at the Hearing Dogs AGM, attended by our joint Royal Patron, HRH The Princess Royal. The merger formally took place on 1st August 2017.

As we all know only too well, in common with many small charities the challenging and competitive fundraising environment has proved extremely difficult for Hearing Link. By merging with Hearing Dogs, and incorporating Hearing Link as a distinct service within the larger charity, we have secured the future of our work and can plan with confidence to deliver our life-changing services to ever increasing numbers of people.

Hearing Link’s name will not change, and our vision remains a world where everyone can enjoy life and participate fully and confidently, whatever their level of hearing. Hearing Link’s services will continue to run as before, but with the stability of a much larger charity to strengthen our work. We look forward to continuing ‘business as usual’, retaining our identity, logo and UK-wide offices, and working with our volunteers and staff to provide our usual Helpdesk, specialist programmes and services, website and social media platforms into the future.

The merger between Hearing Link and Hearing Dogs and Hearing Link brings three key benefits:

  • Impact – We will be able to provide more life-changing services to a greater number of people than ever before.
  • Integration – The merger will enable the two organisations to integrate services, and the recipients of hearing dogs will benefit from access to the broad range of helpful advice and support, rehabilitation programmes and practical solutions that we will continue to offer to the wider community.
  • Efficiencies – The collaboration will provide logical cost benefits by efficiently combining back-office functions, such as finance and administration, to ensure our donated funds are used in pursuing our core purpose as much as possible, and giving us the stability to secure our future services.

Guided by our UK network of experienced, knowledgeable and passionate volunteers, we will continue to support people with hearing loss, their family and their friends as they adjust to and overcome their emotional and practical challenges, helping them find better ways to manage their hearing with confidence.

Lorraine Gailey, Chief Executive of Hearing Link, says: “Our values and aims are so closely aligned, it was a natural move for us to come together to create a stable future for Hearing Link, where we can reach even more people and their families, offering even better support for as long as they need us.”

The merger of our two organisations has ensured the future of Hearing Link. It means that the wealth of knowledge and expertise within our charity will not be lost, and will now be greatly enhanced through the development opportunities provided by our over 100 combined years of experience in helping people with hearing loss.

For more information please download Hearing Link & Hearing Dogs Merger FAQs – July 2017.

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