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Welcome to our new section, offering hearing loss videos that give bite-sized information on the most important hearing loss topics.

Understanding changes in your hearing is the first step to making informed choices about the next steps you need to take.

Below you will find a series of self-help videos (subtitled) covering topics such as how the ear works, audiology appointments, tinnitus, balance issues, and technology.

You can also view inspirational hearing loss stories of people who are living with the challenges of hearing loss and find out the ways we can help you.

Browse our range of hearing loss videos below and if you required further support for your hearing loss, please contact our Helpdesk.

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The auditory system and human ear is a complex part of our anatomy. Find out more about this cast topic including the inner workings of your ear and ways to look after your hearing.

How the ear works

How loud are your headphones


Visiting an audiologist can be daunting. Our self-help videos will help you to understand your appointment, learn about audiograms and what to expect during a hearing test.

Getting the most from your audiology appointment

How a hearing aid test works

Audiogram explained

Sudden Hearing Loss – What to do


Approximately 13% of the UK population are living with the symptoms of tinnitus. Our video explains more about the condition.

What does tinnitus sound like?


Find out more about balance disorders commonly associated with hearing loss and details of how the balance system works.

How the balance system works

Hearing instruments

There are many incredible hearing instruments that can help you to live well with your hearing loss. From hearing aids to cochlear implants find out more about what’s available.

How a cochlear implant works

How a bone conduction device works

How a middle ear implant works

Adjusting to your hearing aids

Assistive technology for hearing loss

Assistive listening devices are useful tech to use to support you if you have hearing loss. Find out more about what’s available including a guide on hearing loops.

What is a Hearing Loop

Hearing loss stories

Living with hearing loss can be challenging. Watch inspirational stories of how our services have supported them to live well with their hearing.

Ahmed and Claire

Tony and Sue




Services videos

Hearing Link Services offer a range of personalised hearing loss services to help you or a loved. Find out more about the ways we can help.

What is a LinkUp group


Services overview

Hearing Aid Maintenance

Helpful videos with quick tips on taking care of your hearing aids


Daily routine – cleaning

Daily routine – storage

Batteries – Checking your batteries

Batteries – Which do you need?

How to change your batteries

Batteries – storage and use

Keeping hearing aids dry

Tubing – How to fit a new tube

Top tip – Don’t drop it!

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