Hearing Loss Community Days

We love nothing more than visiting communities across the UK to meet people with hearing loss and their families and friends.

That’s why we offer our free Hearing Loss Community Days which are open to members of the public, as well as existing beneficiaries and life-changing hearing dog partnerships.

What is a Hearing Loss Community Day?

Hearing Loss Community Days are designed to raise awareness of hearing loss, and start conversations about any changes you may have noticed in your hearing. You can also learn about our range of personalised Hearing Link Services and they can could help you.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the day; we had professional advice from a range of experts, and just as useful was the opportunity to speak to other participants on many subjects. I was well worth attending and I’m looking forward to the next one!”

Who are they for?

Everyone is welcome!

Our events are free for any members of the public to attend, who either live with hearing loss themselves, or know someone who has such as a relative, colleague or friend.

Come along and meet our volunteers, staff and beneficiaries and start your journey with us.

What will happen on the day?

You will meet our wonderful team of volunteers and staff who will introduce you to our charity and the range of services we offer.

There’ll be a chance to start a conversation about your hearing loss, share experiences and chat to other people living with the same challenges.

We also welcome guest speakers to talk about local services and host specialised sessions on a particular hearing loss topic.

“It was an interesting and informative day, especially with the police liaison officer for the deaf.  A really great meeting and hopefully more of a similar nature to come.”

When and where are they taking place?

Our Hearing Loss Community Days are open to members of the public. The following dates and locations are planned for 2024:

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