Partners & family stories of hearing loss

Hearing Link Services not only provides support to the individual with hearing loss, but also helps their families and friends too.

We understand that the impacts of hearing loss are far greater than losing your hearing, and they can affect your close relationships too.

On this page, we share the stories of families who are living with the challenges of hearing loss and how they manage these in their daily lives.

Tony and Sue

Tony Long and his partner Sue, who has a profound hearing loss, share their powerful hearing loss journey in this short video, premiered at the Royal Reception held at the Tower of London in June 2015.

Says Professor Adrian Davis OBE, Public Health England’s Director of Population Health Science: “The [narrative from this film is] absolutely what’s needed to raise the profile of the issues that people have in respect to hearing problems and hearing loss.

[This film] should be used widely to demonstrate what a key issue hearing problems are in the community, the impact that they have on lives and how Hearing Link and other professionals and experts can support people to find solutions for their communication problems arising from hearing loss.”

Ahmed and Claire

Ahmed and his wife Claire discuss Ahmed’s hearing loss and how it plays a part in their “deaf vs hearing” relationship. Says Ahmed, ‘Claire has played a major part in helping me become more comfortable with my hearing disability and to be more open about it’.

For more videos about hearing loss made by Ahmed please visit his YouTube channel.

Webpage reviewed: February 2023

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