Banbridge Lipreading Group

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About the group

The Banbridge Lipreading group was the initiative of Leslie and Ramona Williams.

Leslie read a leaflet at his Audiology Department suggesting that everyone with hearing loss should have access to lipreading classes. He was then disappointed to learn that there were no classes available in his local area and felt that it was important to get something started.

Group members have been very enthusiastic about the benefits of attending the group and sessions continue to run for people of all ages in the area, younger and older.

The Group, which started running in 2014, still worked during lockdown by delivering Covid-19 packs, hearing aids and listening equipment.


The class will meet every Thursday from 2-4pm, starting on 15 September 2022 until Christmas. The classes are held at the community space at Tesco in The Boulevard in Banbridge.


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