Andover Hard of Hearing Club

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About our group

The Club provides a meeting place, once a month, for people who have hearing difficulties, together with their close families and carers. The Club provides a venue for those people to discuss their problems, find common ground, make new friends and increase their social interaction.

Club members are further stimulated through the use of guest speakers covering various topics ranging between, the latest hearing aids and equipment, to items of general interest. Information and support on Hard of Hearing services are also provided.

An annual outing and Christmas lunch are also arranged. These are subsidised, to a degree, if spare funds are available.

Andover lipreaders party

Club membership is generally made up of elderly (over 65) people with hearing difficulties, of both sexes. Members are local to Andover. The group is around 18 in size and attendance is typically around 12-14 people each month.

Benefits to the members are principally two-fold:

  • Any individual isolation is lessened as you will be able to interact with people facing similar difficulties; hopefully having fun;and 
  • Information and support are provided on the latest services and equipment, raising awareness of help available.

New members welcome!


Andover hard of hearing club christmas dinner

The club meets every 2nd Wednesday of the month from 2.15pm to 4.15pm, at St Andrews Methodist Church, Weyhill Road, Andover SP10 3BH.

A loop system is provided.


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