Hearing loops best practice

Why should I provide a hearing loop for my service users?

Not only are you required to by law, but it is also good customer practice. If you make your goods and services accessible to hearing aid users, you are likely to provide a better service to your customers and provide your business with an additional revenue stream.

What type of hearing loop would I need?

There are various loops for different applications; service counter hearing loops are different from meeting room hearing loops and the design may need to account for impacts of modern building construction or ensure correct operation of multiple adjacent systems. It is important that you consult a manufacturer or find a hearing loop specialist who will provide you with the correct equipment. Find out more about hearing loops on our website.

What is the likely cost and is the installation expensive/disruptive?

A service counter hearing loop will cost around £250-£400 installed and is normally undisruptive. Room hearing loops will be more expensive depending on the size of the room and type of system needed, cables may need to be installed under the floor finish or within a ceiling void. A specialist installer will be able to provide a full quotation.

Where can I obtain a hearing loop?

You should obtain your hearing loop from a specialist loop supplier. Most hearing loop manufacturers can also provide advice and may be able to recommend local trained installers. You should ensure that your supplier is including all necessary audio equipment to provide a fully working system, including any microphones and interconnections etc.

Yes, the Equality Act legislation requires service providers to make reasonable adjustments, providing the appropriate assistive listening system, such as induction loop equipment is deemed to be making reasonable adjustments for people with hearing loss.

How do I ensure my staff can operate the system?

Most hearing loop systems should be installed in a way that always works with no intervention needed but it’s important to understand factors such as where the microphone is positioned and any plugs or switches that must remain turned on. Your specialist hearing loop provider should be able to assist with this.

Does a loop need regular maintenance?

Yes, someone at the venue should be capable of performing a basic listening test to ensure the system is working on a regular basis and before any events. In addition, a more thorough check of the system should be carried out, normally on an annual visit by a specialist loop supplier.

How do I promote accessibility of my service, and demonstrate I have installed a hearing loop?

Fitting the correct signage is very important, also advertising the fact that you are providing the service for example on your website.

Webpage reviewed: February 2024

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