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Welcome to our dedicated pages offering a range of useful resources and information for those working in audiology services, lipreading provision, healthcare, social care and employment sectors.

Hearing Link Services, which is part of Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, believes that nobody with hearing loss should feel alone. This is why we provide a range of personalised hearing support services and train highly-skilled hearing dogs.

We connect individuals experiencing hearing loss – plus their partners, family, friends and colleagues – with hearing care professionals, and information and products that will improve their health and wellbeing.

Our services are shaped and delivered by knowledgeable volunteers with lived or professional experience of hearing loss. They make up our peer support network and share tried-and-tested techniques that help to make life easier.

Together, these services bring life-changing practical, social, psychological and emotional benefits.

How we can work together

We understand the demands on the time of professionals, especially those working the hearing care and healthcare sectors.

Our services offer a way to lessen these demands so you can confidently signpost your patients, students or employees to follow-up support that is timely and suitable to their personal needs.

We can:

  • Find practical, personalised, solutions for every stage of their hearing journey by creating a personalised pathway
  • Support their families, friends and colleagues with the challenges they face
  • Provide emotional support for the changes they are experiencing
  • Signpost them to products or local services to support their needs

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