Hearing dogs

Imagine you are deaf. You can’t hear your alarm clock. You can’t hear your text messages. You miss out on social interactions.

That’s what life is like for deaf people, and it can be very isolating. A hearing dog can make a big difference.

We have matched thousands of our adorable hearing dogs with deaf people since our charity Hearing Dogs for Deaf People launched at Crufts in 1982.

Could a hearing dog help you?

If you have hearing loss we will discuss with you which of our services would best suit your needs. If we determine together that a dog would be the best option for you, we have three types of dogs that could help.

Our hearing dogs are highly trained to assist those with hearing loss, so contact us and together we can determine if this option is right for you.

Our dog partnerships

We offer three types of dog partnership:

  • Fully accredited hearing dogs (with a jacket and full assistance dog access rights, for deaf people who need sound support both inside and outside of the home).
  • Sound support dogs (for people who need sound support in the home but not when out and about).
  • Confidence and companion dogs (for people with any level of hearing loss who don’t require support with sounds but would benefit from emotional support and companionship because of their deafness or hearing loss). 

You can find out more on the Hearing Dogs website.

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