Hearing loss forums

Use these community forums to ask questions, share ideas and connect with others who have hearing loss.

UK hearing loss community on FacebookUK Hearing Loss Community (Facebook)

A UK centric support group for those with hearing loss. (Facebook account required)

Hearing Loss Worldwide on FacebookHearing Loss Worldwide (Facebook)

An active and supportive group on Facebook for those with a hearing loss of any kind. (Facebook account required)

Pardon? Access to communication for allPardon? (Facebook)

Facebook forum for discussing issues relevant to people with hearing loss. The group is open to those with any kind of hearing loss and those who don’t but have an interest in hearing loss issues. (Facebook account required)

hearing aid forums.comHearingAidForums.com

Lively and informative discussion about all aspects of hearing technologies. An excellent forum to pose your hearing aid questions.

Webpage updated: September 2021

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