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Learn to lipread online with an ATLA & City and Guilds qualified Adult Education Tutor. These online lipreading courses are conducted via Zoom, from the comfort of your own home. Both group classes, and 1-1 private lipreading lessons are available.

The 1-1 sessions are exclusively designed for the student, and can be specially tailored for your exact requirements.

The group lessons are mainly for beginners/intermediate.

Learning lipreading online means you don’t have to search for a local group, or worry about travel arrangements. You log into the Zoom meeting at the right time, and the lesson begins.

Each style of lipreading course includes elements of managing hearing loss, and discussion is encouraged. The tutor shares his own tips and tricks about managing hearing loss.


Online only. Classes conducted via Zoom.


Contact: Lipreading Classes
Website: Online Lipreading Classes

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