Community days

We are present in communities across the UK to meet our beneficiaries and members of the public to talk about hearing loss.

Our Community Days are delivered online or in-person and are for our existing deaf partners.

They are a chance for them to:

  • reconnect with each other
  • meet new hearing dog applicants in their local area
  • gain support and advice about hearing loss
  • relax and have fun

Our larger community events, known as Hearing Loss Community Days are open to members of the public who are affected by hearing loss. Whether you have hearing loss, know someone who has, or would like to learn more – all are welcome.

They are designed to raise awareness of hearing loss, but also to start conversations about a changes you have noticed in your hearing.

Where are they held?

Our community days are regularly offered in locations across the UK and are for invited guests only.

Our Hearing Loss Community Days, which are open to members of the public, are taking place on the following dates in 2022.

  • Friday 1 July – Beatrice Wright Centre, Yorkshire
  • Tuesday 12 July – The Grange, Buckinghamshire

To find out more, please contact us.

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