Community Days

We are present in communities across the UK to meet our beneficiaries and to help them with their hearing loss journey. That’s why we offer our Community Days.

What is a Community Day?

Our Community Days are delivered in-person and are for our existing deaf partners who have a hearing dog partnership.

What happens at a Community Day?

They are a chance for our deaf partners to:

  • reconnect with each other
  • meet new hearing dog applicants in their local area
  • gain support and advice about hearing loss
  • relax and have fun.

At each one, we do different things. Sometimes we do activities and games. Sometimes we run a workshop or have a guest speaker. Sometimes we might offer information about technology to support those with hearing loss.

Additionally, we also organise community dog walks, held regionally throughout the UK. These are for our hearing dog partnerships to meet for a social dog walk, often followed by a cup of tea at a local café.

“We go to the social gatherings for other hearing dogs and their deaf partners. This is amazing as we have a common understanding of deafness and the impact it has, so there’s no explaining about it in order to be understood or feeling left out in conversations at all. This is the best benefit apart from meeting new friends.”

Where are they held?

Around 100 community days are held per year and these are regularly offered in locations across the UK for invited guests only.

We also offer Hearing Loss Community Days which are open for members of the public to attend, alongside our hearing dog partnerships and Hearing Link Services volunteers.

Find out more?

If you would like to find out more about applying for a hearing dog, visit our webpage or email

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