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Airplane taking off into the sunTravelling by plane

Whether you’re going on a business trip or off on holiday, take a bit of time to prepare for your flight. For example, let the airline know your needs in advance – explaining clearly the help you require and that you cannot hear announcements.

Other do’s and don’ts:

  • Checkout ABTA’s checklist for travellers with disabilities
  • Request that the assistance you require is confirmed in writing on your ticket or itinerary
  • Most airports have induction loops, public textphones and public amplified telephones
  • A member of the airport staff may escort you to your plane along with other disabled passengers
  • Tell the cabin staff on the plane that you have a hearing loss
  • The staff may have Deaf Awareness Training or a qualification in British Sign Language
  • They may be able to provide the health and safety instructions and general information in writing for you
  • Your hearing dog should be allowed to travel in the plane with you and free of charge – remember that your dog should have its passport and vaccinations too!

British Airways and Virgin Atlantic, in particular, have special departments to look after the needs of disabled passengers. Visit:

Travelling by train

If you find changing trains and hearing announcements difficult, National Rail staff can provide help via their Assisted Travel Service.

  • Contact the Train Company that manages your local station at least 24 hours in advance of your journey
  • Request the exact help you will need e.g. changing trains at Chester
  • Give specific details of your needs when booking your journey
  • Visit National Rail Enquiries Information for Disabled Passengers

Disabled Persons’ Railcard

Virgin’s Quiet Trains

Go to http://www.virgintrains.co.uk/trains/ then click on the menu below Pendolino or Super Voyager. Click along to the descriptive bit about Quiet Zone.

Train Survey results

We asked Hearing Link’s community panel about their experiences of travelling by train. You can read the findings of our survey below.

To enlarge and read the document below, please click on ‘open’ (on the bottom right hand side), then use the arrows to page through it.

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