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We want to see a day when no deaf person, or anyone with hearing loss, feels alone.

We offer information and support to people living with hearing loss through Hearing Support Sessions

We are part of Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, a charity that provides a wide range of personalised hearing support services and trains highly skilled hearing dogs – because nobody with hearing loss should feel alone. 

At Hearing Link Services, we understand that hearing loss affects far more than just a person’s ears. The consequences can impact on every part of their life; relationships, status at work, confidence and self-esteem.  

This is why we offer personalised hearing support services that provide emotional and practical help for people, whatever their hearing level.

We believe in the power of peer support and shared experiences. Everything we do is powered by our trained volunteers. They have lived or professional experience of hearing loss and understand the daily challenges it brings.

Together they form our peer support network who deliver our range of personalised support services.

How do we help?

Website: Through our website, visitors can access our support pathways. We provide extensive information about hearing loss and associated topics. We also signpost to other services and meaningful ways to connect with others.  Our site’s contents are researched and compiled largely through our volunteers and directly reflect the interests of those with hearing loss. 

Helpdesk: We deliver a responsive Helpdesk via our website, phone, or by email. Our Helpdesk Responders have personal or professional experience of hearing loss. They are ready to offer information, guidance and support to help people take their next step – whether they have hearing loss themselves or wish to support someone else. 

LinkUp Support Groups: Free support groups that have been designed by those living with hearing loss for others facing the same challenges as they do. They are delivered in person by our volunteer and staff team. The aim of the groups is simple. It is a chance to share solutions, explore technology or equipment that can help.  

Helpful Hours: A 60-minute session that offers information and guidance on the most frequently asked hearing loss topics. Designed and delivered online or in person at certain events by our peer support volunteers, these sessions provide lots of information for any stage of your hearing loss journey. At the end of the session participants will have the change to ask questions and take away useful information.

Community outreach: Our peer support network and staff work in communities across the UK to support a person’s hearing – whatever stage in their journey they have reached. We host community days for learning more about our services and hearing support sessions. We also offer practical and emotional advice, and raise awareness of our work at events and speaker presentations. 

Hearing Dogs: Hearing Dogs for Deaf People trains highly skilled hearing dogs that help deaf people. Our hearing dogs provide constant companionship, and alert their partners to sounds. These can be life-saving sounds like the smoke alarm and intruder alarm. They can also include other important sounds such as the oven timer and baby monitor. This combination of practical assistance and emotional support is life-changing. 

Online Shop: Our online shop offers visible and discreet solutions for alerting others to a person’s hearing level. Items include pin badges, communication cards, assistive listening devices, and hearing aid batteries. We offer solutions that will enhance a person’s listening experience and increase independence and confidence.  

Hearing Hub: Our Hearing Hub service at The Grange in Saunderton, Buckinghamshire, offers personalised support and guidance to help a person to make the most of their hearing. It’s also so they can reconnect with family, friends and work. It’s a free, confidential and independent hearing support hub which signposts specific to your needs. 

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