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The power of the mind

I always get butterflies whenever I upload a new blog entry or story for the rest of the world to see. I worry if I have done the best I could? Is spelling and grammar correct? Have I forgotten anything? Will people like it?

My latest upload is for my blog about inspirational lives: an interview with Karen Putz, a mother of three teenage children, successful sports person, Journalist, founder of a non-profit early intervention provider a prolific blogger and she is deaf. I know Karen is happy with what I have written but…..

I go to bed late, lie there for a while; finally beginning to relax I start to smile, I can hear my husband asleep already – snoring. I start drifting myself, but something is holding me back. How come I can hear him? Fully awake now I let my eyes adjust to the dark and take a look, the sound is replaced by silence as my mind reluctantly accepts I could not possibly have heard him snore.

But how did this familiar sound come into my mind now I wonder and was it accurate?– Was it exactly as he sounded like before I became deaf? I lie back again and try to recapture it, but it’s gone. I hope one day I will be able to listen to that sound again for real.

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