How you can leave a gift to Hearing Link

We understand that making a will takes time and much consideration. We know that family and friends will be your first concern but if you are able to think about a gift in your will to Hearing Link, this would be hugely welcomed and appreciated.

How much should I leave?

You can be assured that a gift, no matter how big or small, will help us to continue to deliver the services that are needed by future generations of people with hearing loss and their loved ones. If you are thinking about leaving a gift in your will, we hope you find the information below useful in making the best choice for you.

What type of gifts can I leave?

There are many ways to remember Hearing Link in your will, and your solicitor can advise you of your options; on choosing how much to leave, we would recommend that you consider dividing your estate by percentages. No one can tell what the future holds and leaving gifts to family, friends and charity as percentages is a great way to ensure the gifts that you leave remain fair to your wishes and everyone named in your will – especially if you don’t get round to updating your will for a while!

Please also be assured, all gifts left to Hearing Link are free of inheritance tax.

What do I need to know?

To include a gift to charity in your will, it is recommended that you make a note of the full charity name, address and charity number. This will ensure that your wishes are completely clear. Here are our details:

Registered name and address:

  • Hearing Link operates within Hearing Dogs for Deaf People
  • The Grange, Wycombe Road, Saunderton, Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire, HP27 9NS
  • Registered charity in England & Wales: 293358
  • Registered charity in Scotland: SC040486

How do I find a solicitor?

When making a will, we would always recommend that you see a qualified wills and trusts specialist to prepare your will. To help locate a specialist in your area visit

Should I let Hearing Link know if I have left a gift in my will?

We appreciate the gifts you make in your will are personal and private and we don’t expect you to tell us. But, if you wish to get in touch to let us know, we’d love the opportunity to say thank you.

Contact us

If you would like to speak to someone about including a gift to Hearing Link in your will, please get in touch.

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